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Do you know whats mean LEAN BACK ?


  • [CS "Do you know what means LEAN BACK?]

    TO LEAN intransitive verb
    1. to lean means to incline, to bend from a vertical position. [Trees are leaning eastwards from a heavy West wind.]
    2. to lean as a second meaning is to cast one's weight to one side to get support [As I am tired, I am leaning against the wall.]

    TO LEAN transitive verb
    to rest, to support something (on, against..) [Lean your bike against the wall; lean your head on my shoulder.]

    Both functions of the verb are working with BACK which points out the direction of the leaning.
    to lean back = to bend backwards (one's body)
    [I leaned back to dodge the slap; the car seat leans back as you pull that lever.]
    to lean something back = to bend it backwards.
    [Lean yourself back on the armchair.]

    Note that to lean has also a figurative sense, to incline in opinion, in taste... but I don't think it gets used with "back".
    To lean has other meanings, for instance to lean an engine (make the mixture less rich). Look it up in a dictionary.
  • lean or learn??
  • Do you mean we can lean on you for a learning support?

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