The Delavigne Corporation


Hi you all! Would you please complete the list by names or biograhies of all members of the Delavigne Corporation. Thanks!

Bruno Delavigne CEO
Horatio Olere parfume designer
Philipp Cheeter ?
Kevin Connors ?
Icarus Quincy ?
Brian Jones Special Assistent
Jean Marron IT Assistent
Bob Carter ?
Susie Bliss ?
Polly Watson Personal Assistent

Who are they, what do they do?


  • I copied and pasted your list, Cordelia. I added some data, just from memory. Did you visit the blog of the company? There is a live presentation of those holding a key position.

    GO TO < >

    Bruno Delavigne, CEO
    Horatio Olere, perfume designer
    Philipp Cheeter, Director of of sales and womanizer
    Kevin Connors ?
    Icarus Quincy, CFO
    Brian Jones, Special Assistant
    Jean Marron, IT Assistant
    Bob Carter, ?
    Susie Bliss, blissful director of PR
    Polly Watson, Personal Assistant
    Luna Delune, HR manager
    Willy, Security Guard (he is now and then on patrol in this forum)
    Stink, on barking duty
    Seagull, on squawking duty
  • I have never met Luna, Willy, Stink and Seagull till now. In which scenes do they act? Who are they? The characters are not so clear.
    Have they all a biography or shall we write one, just for fun?
  • Oh, thanks for that clarity. I think it appropriate when the Delavigne Corporation edits a curriculum vitae of their members.
  • If I were you all, I'd feel ill at ease for letting Hannah Benedict off the listing. We all saw her totally stoned after the bus journey as she drank so many whisky bottles with Horatio. SHE has a reason to have laps of memory but as for us, we have not.
  • Yes, Sandy is right. Hannah had such a nauseous hangover after drinking bottles of whisky with Horatio that she failed to answer at Cordelia's roll call.
    You should list her asap, Cordelia. She is worth of it for she talks to us on a regular basis and, more to the point, in herself she is the reconciliation a true American company from SF really needs: put together the Hebrews with their Hannah close to the Christians with their Benedict. Obama, along with most Americans, will congratulate you for listing Hannah honourably.

    And what about Edward Moon?
    Did he get the shaft? His latest promotion as acting CEO has turned his mind a bit lunatic. His name had made him prone to be lunatic indeed. He could have been fired. You should investigate, Cordelia.

    And by the way, did you switch to their blog? Hannah and Edward have been very active of late.

  • Hello to you all and thank you for your enigmatic answer.
    Unfortunately there is a lot to do currently, so that I must put on ice every kind of deeper investigation.

    But exept one question please: Don't you confound or melt together three categories of persons: the members of the Delavigne Corporation with those of the GG-Staff and GG-users as you like to say.

    I don't get it, what you would express by mentioning Hebrews, Hannah, Christians, Obama, Edward Moon, because I don't know them, exeptly Obama a little bit.
    I'm not at all trained to switch into any blog, not to mention what to do there.
  • Hiya Cordelia,

    I'll just field the question you kept on the floor about possible different origins of the characters in the Delavigne story.
    GG-staves never appear in the Delavigne episodes; even more so do'nt GG-users. The Delavigne Corp is a fictional milieu.
    For about 3 years that I've been hanging around I only met the Delavigne work force on the stage, possibly with a cast of clients and related characters. Not to mention that now and then you may be listening to a Radio Rhubarb broadcasting or something of the same ilk. To be precise I'd say that Willy never went on the stage so far but, as far as I can remember, he introduced himself here down this forum as "Willy, the Security Guard of the Delavigne Corp."

    About the Delavigne blog: unlike many forums you must be identified to be allowed to post a comment. It's as easy as pie; you choose one of the links in the box and follow instructions.

    Ta ta, Cordelia.
  • Hannah certainly belongs to the GG producer staff, why should I mention her as a member of the Delavigne Corporation?
    Additional she writes in different threads like a GGUser, very smart, very lovely of course, but very fictional too.
    And Willy seems to be the Security Guard of the Delavigne Corp. and at the same time the watchman or guardian of GGUsers' forum.
    The frontiers become blurred.
    I hate that expression: Ta Ta, babies's language?
  • Greetings Mrs. Cordelia,

    First and foremost I would apologize for having played a baby inadvertendly. I have been used to hearing that way of saying Good Bye by friends of mine and also by some of the Delavigne Corp., namely by Bruno himself, that I didn't know it was a babies' language. More to the point I didn't guess it got on your nerves.

    Inasmuch as I have some memory of lessons casting Hannah Benedict, 31, living by now in SF, she was acting as Head of Retail at the Delavigne Corporation. That doesn't prevent her to show up elsewhere. As you put it, frontiers are blurred. Should things be different?

    I wish you success in your census task.
    Kind regards,

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