The Delavigne Corporation


Hi you all! Would you please complete the list by names or biograhies of all members of the Delavigne Corporation. Thanks!

Bruno Delavigne CEO
Horatio Olere parfume designer
Philipp Cheeter ?
Kevin Connors ?
Icarus Quincy ?
Brian Jones Special Assistent
Jean Marron IT Assistent
Bob Carter ?
Susie Bliss ?
Polly Watson Personal Assistent

Who are they, what do they do?

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  • Delavigne hasn't got any outlet store. As a consequence it hasn't any retail service, even more so it hasn't any head of retail. You were right, Cordelia. As head of retail (probably of a retailing company), Hannah doesn't belong to the workforce of the Delavigne. I am sorry for being reckless. I promise I'll never bother you again in your intelligence inquiries.
  • Reckless! That's much like you, Gee. Let Cordelia achieve her interesting understaking. Ciao!
  • IMHO I think I can understand Cordelia's dislike ore more the aversion for baby-language like papa, mama, pipi, ata-ata. Grown up children prefer Ma or Pa.
  • Or Ta, we should ask her if she would accept one single Ta.
  • Oh my! Are you lot saying I don't exist?! I DO exist! And I AM Head of Retail at Delavigne! Even if a company doesn't have any outlet stores, it still needs someone to take care of small-scale sales to the general public!

    Hannah Benedict
    Head of Retail
    Delavigne Corporation
  • Yes of course you exist in that fictional Delavigne Corporation, and I would like to know whether you are a respected member of the Gymglish Staff too?
  • My God! Cordelia! You are a lucky devil getting a personal answer from Hannah herself.
    At reading her answer and comparing to what they say in their blog, I don't know what to think.
    The Staff is listed on the blog like this:
    Bruno Delavigne
    Brian Jones
    Susan Bliss (mentioned twice)
    Horatio Oléré
    Icarus Quincy
    Xavier Delavigne (reported dead in first lessons)
    Philip Cheeter
    Stink Delavigne (it's the dog)

    Hannah Benedict is listed as contributor, along with Rich, Jean Marron, etc.

    Shift to the blog, Cordelia.
  • Which staff do you speak about? The Delavigne staff or the Gymglish staff?
  • Samson my mate, it's Delavigne's. The authors of the saga have to be sought inside the GymGlish staff, who introduce themselves as GymGlish team. But they don't feature in the stories which don't seem to be an autobiography, do they?
  • wait and see!

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