The Delavigne Corporation


Hi you all! Would you please complete the list by names or biograhies of all members of the Delavigne Corporation. Thanks!

Bruno Delavigne CEO
Horatio Olere parfume designer
Philipp Cheeter ?
Kevin Connors ?
Icarus Quincy ?
Brian Jones Special Assistent
Jean Marron IT Assistent
Bob Carter ?
Susie Bliss ?
Polly Watson Personal Assistent

Who are they, what do they do?

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  • Sigourney Weevil for instance created a thread (category, colum?...)in th forum and seems to be a member of the Gymglish Team, on the other hand she was invited by Bruno Delavigne to take part at the firm's dodge ball tournament. She steps out and in the story.

    And Hannah? Wherever did you found her till now?

  • Quick hint to Cordelia: provides classified ads in the San Francisco region. I just read on that site an ad posted by Edward Moon.
    It read:

    "I am a paid intern at a large cosmetic company..."
  • Oh my! And you, Cordelia, where are you really? Are you in, out, in between, around the GG timeless world?

    For my part, since I have entered the GG world, I am becoming more ethereal... I am guessing who and where I am all the time. Do I exist for real, in the flesh? I doubt it. So be it.

    Engagez-vous, qu'ils disaient...

    Tourlou! (babie's talk again, sorry...)
  • Oh, I see, thanks heaven you are only a bit ethereal, it's not so far away as astal or mental.
    All I wanted was a handy list, a directory (like directions for use or operating instructions) for the chief characters of the Delavigne story.
    You should perhaps know it:
    In a piece of theater, a drama or in a film you allways find that at the beginning: acting persons.
  • As for you Cordelia, are you in, out, inside, around the GG world? Everything is so virtual these days (like my investments actually)! I am not sure if I want to know...

    For my part, since I have entered the GG world, I am becoming more ethereal. Am I living a double life? A second life? I am not even talking the same language... This is so esoteric...
  • I'm sorry for the duplication(a beginner mistake!). No. I don't possess such a list, but it's OK by me. I'm flying on a magic carpet and I don't really want to know what is ahead, or beside, or inside. I hope you'll find what you are looking for. Good luck!
  • Cordelia, what is this 'GymGlish' company you talk of? Never heard of it. I work for the Delavigne Corporation in San Francisco, like I said! I'm sure we'll meet in the workplace soon ;)

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