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I am french and I like english language.I am 52, and I have 3 children.I work in an emergency department and speaking english is usefull for my job.But to improve my english is just as well for me.


  • Hello Marie-Jo.
    What's exactly your job in the emergency services? Have you often to deal with foreign casualties?
  • Hello Gee
    My job is to be the assistant of nurses and doctors and when there is an accident or a heartbreak or anything else outside the hospital, I am the driver of the emergency car (and I adore it, I can drive very speed).And sometimes we have to deal with foreign patients so I can test my knowleges in english.And you what's your job.
  • So, Marie-Jo, you are the bombshell on the road, at top speed behind the wheel. And you like it! Good to you, you have got a siren! It's crucial to love one's job. So much the better, you love it.

    May I be so bold as to suggest you how you could make the best of this forum to improve your English. Jot here down now and then a short report of one of your outstanding swift rescue call out. We could enjoy it and moreover correct some possible mistakes.

    About my job, as you asked for, I am retired, being much more than your 52. Before retiring I dealt with "actors-acting" in two theatre schools.

    That's it. See you later, Marie-Jo.

    Additional notes:
    I write CW at the end, a code that has been made by Silky to mean "corrections welcome".
    Concede an uppercase to the first letter of French, English and any other national name or adjective, as you do for the days of the week, the months of the year. And always try to get the upper hand on events (emergency or not!). LOL
  • If I have understood what you have wrote me,you'd like I tell you an intervention.So,two years ago we have been called for a baby(hardly 2) who feld by a window from 4th floor.He was lucky because he has "landed" on the grass and his injuries were minor.But it's not always like this...And you I suppose your job were very interesting and could be satisfactory.
    I hope I have not done too many mistakes and it is understandable.
    Thank you for your correction.

    See you later,Gee.
  • You were quite understandable indeed Marie-Jo.
    At first I'll write your say as I read it.
    If I have understood what you wrote to me, you'd like I tell you an intervention. So, two years ago we were called for a baby (hardly 2) who fell out of a window from 4th floor. He had been lucky because he had "landed" on the grass and his injuries were minor. But it's not always like this... I hope I have not made too many mistakes ...
    2 years ago is a precise moment --> we were called (preterit)
    to fall, fell, fallen (feld is German, I think, der Feldmarshall)
    to throw, to go, to look out of a window or through a window
    One makes mistakes (one doesn't do them)

    That comes to a great surprise to me that a baby falling from the 4th storey of a building and landing onto the grass got no injury.
    In the last two years two women of my close acquaintances jumped out of windows. The first one, a Kenyan, did it from the sixth storey and succeeded in a terrific way. The second one, a British-Belgian, did it from the first storey. She wanted to fly as a blue butterfly, she said later. As a consequence, she suffered from several fractures which are now over but she also got three cerebral injuries leaving her with bad aftereffects, like lapses of memory, time and place confusion, and so on.

    If you find it interesting to chat about experiences, why not shifting our talks to the "GG-users and Visitors Lounge" which is the suitable column to that end.
    Take care, Marie-Jo, especially when speed-driving.
  • i like the way you exchange

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