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How do you feel when you are addressed on the web or on your cellphone with digispeak?
I for one call it geeks-speak.
Please give me your thought about it.

Digispeak, from digit-speak I think, is a way of shorthand writing.
CUL (read See you later)


  • OIC, I for one call digispeak Imglish or Webspeak! I like it because I feel always good with something new, funny too.
    Thanks for that valuable hint, Gee.
    TIA: to me it was "transient ischemic attack", now I know it means
    "Thanks in advance" and many other things.
    BTW, delated thanks for your exceptional explanation about date- and time-systems!
  • Okay dokey, Samson. We now know your are new-edged yourself for being so keen on every new-edged thing. Good to you. New-edged technologies are on the map.

    What makes me worry, that's you might be transient paranoiac for fearing for your blood-circulation. Don't worry. Be confident. Ischemia strikes only delicate constitutions and, as a "Samson" you are sturdy and a great mate of us GG-users. We like your speeches.

    By the way, could you tell me where Imglish comes from? What is that IM about?

    Who would like to learn more could for instance connect to http://www.answers.com/topic/digispeak

    But for my money, I find that language often inaccurate or ambivalent. As an example I'd take LOL which is listed in the site here above mentioned as "lots of luck". I came across that LOL a lot of times so far, on forums and several blogs. Every time I met it, it was as "laughing out loud" or "laughters out loud". A lot of luck is something totally different. The luck is not the laughter even though it might sometimes provide it.

    More to the point, lining up the first letter of each word in the expression, can be handy in some cases, like jotting down the object of a letter, but I find it idiotic to use it in the current writing. For sure it's because I am an old man with a coagulated mind. You see, ischemia is drawing near.

    Eventually I find that writing terse and lifeless, just because the expresions are not spoken acronyms.(in spite of the fact that Answers.com call them acronyms.) It lacks of a bit of pizzazz, oomph, flavour, zippidy doo dah zippidy day...

    CUL Samson.

    Additional notes to rookies (if any reading here down):

    for my money = to my mind = in my opinion
    Zippidy doo dah? I mean sensibility and energy.
    CUL, digispeak for See You Later
    An acronym (from greek ἄκρος, ákros, on the edge, ὄνομα, ónoma, noun) is the abbreviation of a group of words generally made of the first letters of these words whose result, named acronym, is uttering like a normal word.
    To me LOL is an acronym. CUL, BTW, OIC are digispeak itmes which are not acronym. (despite the dready fact that Answer.com means to list all digispeak items as acronyms.)
    I'd like to get other readers' views on the matter (other readers? if any!)

  • Dear Gee,

    IMHO: terse in the meaning of smoothly elegant and concise, I suppose, because it's the user who give life to it.
    AFAIK: The IM is a contraction of "instant message" or "instant messaging and texting shorthand"

    Lots of luck
  • BTW Gee, who is that we in your first line? (We now know...)
  • hi guys!!!
    god bless you.

    i would like to meet people from other country.

    because i am learning english language.
    mi email is isabelmiss2007@yahoo.com.mx

    see you
  • From Samson:
    BTW Gee, who is that we in your first line? (We now know...)


    Hi Samson,
    Thank you for your kind and clear explanations.
    The "WE" on my first line represented the many readers who got your tip and who, just like me, consider you as a "cutting-edge" mate. I am used to being a bit bold as considering everyone is of the same mind as mine. ha ha. (LOL as you prefer). You are a sharp one, aren't you.
    See you
  • From hizabel777:
    hi guys!!!
    god bless you.
    i would like to meet people from other country.
    (...) see you


    A god for sure blessed me, hizabel triple seven, for I felt good while reading your message.
    I'll have to check on your e-mail address if we aren't of the same country. In such a case, I wouldn't be able to fill in your request.
  • it's a very interesting and funny thing. I like the idea but sometimes it's very difficult to decode what the sender means.
    what is quite incorrect is getting the habit of using digispeak during examinations or offical documents by mistake.

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