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Has monopoly be granted to AhQ?

Hi AhQ,

Last night you spent plenty of your mind replying to every headline in the front page of this "Lounge".
I knew the weather had been forecast as mist and fog. So I understood you couldn't take off.
But I wondered if you had been dropped by your girlfriend too, for having nothing else to care of than prattling on that way.

In fact, that wasn't all that bad, hey, pal, because we had a thing to eat.
Way to go, buddy!

NB UFF digispeak for Your Friend Forever.


  • It was my yesterday's whim to match up against you, Gee.
  • Hi you all, hopefully you have found your girlfriend again, because in accordance to Prof. Hüther's (neuroscientist) last lecture, it's so important to be fallen in love while learning a language. It is said to work much better than a three times a week course in an institution like the German Volkshochschule (Folk high school, community college: institution of adult education).
    On condition that your girlfriend speaks one this language and you are older than 40 years.
  • Correction: your girlfriend speeks only this one language e.g. Chinese and you have to go with her to China, where nobody speeks French nor Walloon, Flemish, English, Welsh or German. Prof. Hüther assumes that you will be able to learn perfect Chinese in a couple of weeks, even if you should be already 85 or older.
  • Hi Gwendo - a really nice feature and, for the sake of truth and science, very intriguing. But let's me add something; we should be
    political correct, so let's say "girlfriend OR boyfriend".

    No, I don't "play for the pink team" - and I don't mean it pejorative, It's just because I have recently heard this expression in an American movie and I want to use it at least once to practise it.
  • Eeem, I meant "politicalLY correct", of course.
    I should be grammatically correct, too.

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