English Grammar

I would like to learn more English

I have studied about grammar but I feel I need more. I`m living in Colombia and I would be very happy if someone help me, and guide me about how to study English, how to write it, how to speak it, Just, i dont know if this text I`m writing is correct?
Thanks a lot all people that can help me .


  • I can't help you, bepiaral, because grammar is not what I have down to a fine art.
    About what you wrote, I'll just tell you that I'd say "I would be very happy if someone helped me, and guided me...". I don't know exactly why "helped" and "guided". It might be because the clause introduced by "if" is bearing on a main clause in the conditional.
    Good luck!

  • Thank you, I think I`ll learn English more than I believed. Betty
  • I need know many vocabulary to improve my english and writting very well who can hepl me?

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