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how can I speack fluently ?????

I have a problem, on one hand, When someone is speaking to me I understand nothing,on the other hand I feel pain to speak because I fear to say the things bad . Then how can I improve my Englisd in all ways?


  • You must be suffering from psychological complex. That's why you had best get a try this way:

    One one hand, never listen to people who are speaking to you,(you will do it when you'll be a bit more self-confident) but listen rather to people speaking to anyone. Do it without seeming to do it.

    On the other hand, when you speak, just speak as it was nobody to hear you.
    Make fun of yourself! Don't care of anyone.
  • Hi bepiaral !

    Try to speak English in the mirror or juste tape yourself while speaking English and see if you're really that bad ! Or simply train yourself with a friend or somebody who won't judge you.

    In other words : confrunt your fears ! (I know, I know, it sounds cliché, but it worked for me.)

    Good luck !
  • For a long time I had exactly the same problem... I think the lack of self-confidence has a big impact on this, but I also realised that I needed to listen and listen and listen again whatever I could: radio, tv, songs... It's a long and patient activity but it does work!
  • Hello,
    I thing the best way to learn English proprely it's to live in the country for a little while.
    I'm a French girl and I have been living in England for a year and 3 months, but at the beginning it was really hard, because I couldn't speak at all.
    Now I can understand easily, I mean I keep making mistakes of course but it's very helpful to live in a English place.
    You have to try to watch Tv in english(of course you can put the subtitle), listen music, or radio.
    You'll see that English is much more easy than French.
    Good luck.
    P.S: If some want to talk to me, here is my e-mail: fatougalsen07@hotmail.com
    See you soon
  • Hi bepiaral,

    I've had these problems too. Please tell us more about your two present problems.
    Do they exist only when you try to speek English or listen to it? Or even in many otherr situations?

    And are they some exeptions of the rule, when you are more successfulin listening and speaking.

    I hope we can help you!
    Best regards!
  • The best way to speak english is practice, practice and practice :)
  • Hello,

    I'm beginner in english and i would like to improve my level because i plan to study in USA the next year. I need to practice my writing, reading and speaking.

    I'm looking for a skype user who can help me to do that.

    I can help people who want to practice french.

  • drinking a fish oil twice a day is the best way to solve your problem.i had the same problem and few months ago some one suggested me drinking fish oil. And now all my problems are gone.of course my english still sux but at least im not afraid of speaking it.Dont know if its good or bad , but does it really matter?
  • Most recently I've read something very interesting concerning this issue:

    Brain research know that we acquire speaking skills in our first language by "aping/copycating" the language we hear in our early childhood.

    So - why not harness this cognition and mimic the stuff we hear
    in our GG lessons. Perhaps we should not try to speak our own words - we had better mimic what we hear.
    That's how small children learn to speak in their mother tongue.

    By the way - the part of the brain which is in charge of comprehension is not same as the part controlling the speaking process. That's the reason why practising the listening comprehension does not neccessarily improve speaking skills. (alas!)

    Sorry for my fatuous proposal...but I reckon it might be worth considering...

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