English Grammar

when to use listen to, hear

How can I make the difference about these words.


  • How can I make the difference about these words.
  • As our angelical mate said, "listen" means that one pays attention to what one is hearing. To listen is to hear with thoughtful attention.
    Figuratively listen also means heed. For instance to listen to a plea, to a critique.

    To hear is first to perceive sound by the ear.(1)
    Secondly to hear may sometimes be used for listen, saying that one hears someone,(2) or takes into account what is said (3).

    Listen, bepiaral! Here are some examples.

    hear as transitive verb
    (1) On a distance call "Can you hear me?"
    You nearly got knocked over. Didn't you hear the car coming?
    Did you hear the breaking news? Yes, I heard god died yesterday.
    (2) You are complaining. Yes but I cannot hear you.
    (3) The witness has been heard by the court.

    hear as intransitive
    (1) I hear, I am not deaf.
    Yes I heard about god's death.
    (2) I guess what you want but I won't hear of your leaving.

    They watch the telly but listen to the radio.
    They see the cloudy sky and hear the wind blowing.
    Is it clear, bepiral? If it is, I hope you heard me kindly and I wish you listen to funny tunes on your mp3.
  • Please correct "IF some evil words have gone in one ear"
  • Always listen to good prophets. What they utter is worth having a listen.
    The problem is: how to know that a prophet is speaking?
    Either you have been said that He/She was a prophet, for example by calling on the responses that are about to come to the question I just jot down in the lounge;
    Or you overhear (You hear by chance) someone saying wise words. Finding the speech wise and worth listening, you start to listen to what is said.

    Never listen to the devil.
    Either you know it is a devil and you put your fingers in your ears, refusing to listen. That way you do no longer hear anything;
    Or you hear someone seducing, trying to lure you into false promises. If so, refuse to listen to what you heard, and is some evil words have gone in one ear yet, let them go out the other.

    So hearing is something that is not always wanted, whereas listening is an act of will.

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