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Could you point at the greatest modern prophet?

Greetings Earthlings of the palmy GymGlish.
There have been circumvolutions of your planet for 2 terrestrial years or so since I flew down to you last time.
If I come and see you today, it is that I am in charge of conducting a survey about how much the modern prophets have the ear of some earthlings. Most of you, be you Jewish, Christian, Muslim or atheist, keep in mind that prophets are figures of old times. That is not true. The One Who knows all things, past, present and to come, is speaking through modern prophets, but is anyone listening?
I made up my mind about the way to conduct the survey: I am going to ask you a question.
Any correct answer will be rewarded by a first class ticket when they come up in heaven, with an extra surprise-bonus from Peter at the reception desk, whatever their journey on earth could have been.

cw - We are not used to talking your English there up, my post could be tainted with mistakes. Please correct them indulgently.


  • CS - nothing. Your English is not all that bad.

    Say, Robert Mugabe!
  • Mugabe doesn't appear in my list of modern prophets. Take another try.
  • He should. Mugabe has been one who showed how African people should get free from the white colonists. From his start in Rhodesia through to the expulsion of British farmers in Zimbabwe, he always showed the right way to freedom. Of course some quarrelsome minds will say that getting old the good man turned into a dictator. Yes, as an elderly president he refused to acknowledge the victory of his rival in the elections for presidency, but it was for the common good.

    He even showed to the world how to tackle the economical crisis.
    By setting up an inflation officially chasing some 231 millions %, Mr Mugabe could be proud yet of being to the front line of battle against deflation. Money printing must have been a night and day endless work in his country. But that momentous backing of the world is not the least Zimbabwe would do. To celebrate the 85th anniversary of the dear president, despite the fact that the latter has just be forced to apparently come to a compromise with his rival Morgan Tsvangirai appointed as PM, the fans of the big man are about to throw a party. Which kind of a party? A party made to please western industry. Give it an ear: according to what I rad in Le Monde, the order includes Moët et Chandon coming by 2,000 bottles; Bollinger by 61; whiskey by 500; 8,000 lobsters; 1,000 kg of gamba prawns; 3,000 ducks; 4,000 caviar dishes; 8,000 Ferrero Rocher chocolate boxes; 3,000 cakes; 500 kg of cheese and 4,000 pork sausages.

    By buying on import only, the good man kills two birds with one stone: he boosts the struggling big world companies but he doesn't deprive at all the 15-million Zimbabwe citizens, namely the 7-million ones who survive thanks to the world food aid programs.

    To financially back the scheme, national companies are very much in demand but private citizens may also send their dons. The checks must be made out in the local currency and, to easy the work of organizers who maybe don't have computers at hand, the checks must be rounded up to ZWD45,000 or 55,000. (I you must know, such a check is give or take worth €1.)

    Is that not the greatest prophet of our times?
  • You're a humorous clever-clogs, Lucky bastard.
    Your antinomic extolling speech in favor of Mugabe was quite pleasant but someone taking actions is not a prophet. A prophet utters forecast.

    If Mugabe could be a nominee at the celestial contest, many others could come aside, notably in the front line our bankers whose recklessness has given birth to the crisis and who nonetheless fight to keep their huge bonuses. It's not so much for their own sake that they fight, it's for the common good: "give money to the poor, they spend it; give to the rich, they make it yield a profit."

    For the common sake you haven't to waver. Everyone has to approve the CHF4-billion paid to the managers of UBS and Crédit Suisse who lead their banks to abyssal losses. If they hadn't got it, they would have been likely to apply for a CEO post in any other country.
    Would you point that those CHF4-billion are more than the budget of the annual world food aid program which helps some 90-million starving people? It'd be pointless. There is nothing to which men cling more tenaciously than the privileges of power. And anyway Mugabe's Zimbabwean people don't read the Swiss press.

    All that said, we have now to get looking for a real modern prophet. That's another fish to fry. If I were a benevolent guardian angel, I'd give some clues.
  • Please get back to the point.
    Here is a clue.
    At the top of my modern prophets ranking-log, it's reading the name of one of the Founding Fathers of what you guess.
  • A clue a day will keep the devil away:
    One year before becoming president he wrote in a private letter:
    "I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."
  • A clue a day, in the long run, could pull any guess away.
    Last clue, the last of the last:
    He was the third president of the United States of America.
  • I didn't know so far that Thomas Jefferson was a prophet.
  • What kind of a forecast could Jefferson have diclaimed?

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