English Vocabulary

They sometimes feature on-air personalities

Hellow everyone on that nice winter morning in a stuffy room with your PC!

Please be so kind to explain me the meaning of "to feature" in that case.
TIA (Thanks in advance)


  • In my GG lessons I sometimes get a Radio Rhubarb broadcast featuring Dr Donna Donnovan, host of her personal "Call Dr Donna Donnovan program".

    Dr Donna Donnovan is a character, like a character of a movie or a theatre play. As her job is to talk on the air, we can call her an "on-air personality".

    To feature can be intransitive: Dr Donna D. is featuring in the Radio Rhubarb sequences.

    To feature can be transitive: The GG-team features an actress as a host of a radio program. As her job goes on the air, she is an on-air personality.

    You will possibly point out that I mix up the actress featuring and her character. Yes indeed. But as the actress is only known by her character's name, why couldn't we say the Dr Donna herself is an on-air personality?

    What do you think, Samson?


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