English Vocabulary

orally and ?

I was tempted to build up something like "literally", expressing that it exists or is demanded in a written form in accordance with "orally" which expresses something that can be heard.
What is the correct equivalent to orally and verbally corresponding to news that can be read?


  • Insofar as I know, English hasn't a word for it. I think you are right as you don't venture something in the kind of literally which means "in a strict sense" or "word to word" and has nothing to do with the writing.

    I wonder whether we shouldn't use a circumlocution.

    They orally promised to do it.
    They promised to do it in writing.

    He got rebuked orally.
    He got a written rebuke.
    His rebuke was written in black and white.

    I am eager to learn how we could fix that issue. Looking forward to reading further opinions.
  • Thanks, Gee, the dodging (glossing-over,paraphrase) might fit best: in writing.

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