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About different Gymglish versions

Is Gymglish only for French and Spanish speakers, or ther's other version(s) ? I'm asking because I'd like to offer an English course to an African friend, for her to go on to improve her English. But she doesn't speak French nor English, nor nothing out African tongues.


  • Dear Balaen,

    as far as I know there is a Gymglish version for French, German and Spanish native speaker but no English version for African, so it might be a big challenge for you, who by now speaks and writes a very good English, to stay in regular contact with you friend and teach her the first lessons till she will be able to do the work by herself. (I suppose you understand her African dialect, because you knew her problem.)
    What do you think about that suggestion?
    Finally you yourself might create that special version out of your work with her (fortune favors the brave).
    Yes you can!

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