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"Very badly"

Is it OK to say, by exemple "I need an advise (or money, or whatever) very badly". Isn't it too rude? What should I say/write in a more polite manner to emphasis on the lack of something (I mean something idiomatic in English)?


  • Badly for a desire or a need doesn't seem to me to be impolite or rude. On the contrary it's much more catchy. Just compare:
    I need very much an advice./ I need an advice very badly.
    I want desperately that money./ I want that money badly.
    About an idiom, I do understand that you need one badly but I have none at hand.
  • the only saying I found in that context of urgent necessity was
    "a call of nature"
  • Thank you! I will use it fron now on.
  • Come to think of it. I was out at lunch yesterday night copying what Hortence had written. I'm sorry.
    "advice" is uncountable. Never say "an advice". If you feel forced to precise a "unit" of advice, say a piece of advice.
    Since correct my third line this way:
    I need very much advice. / I need advice very badly./ I am in need of advice very badly.

    It's great! Raimund right up gave an idiom for the most awkward situations. From now on, I won't say any more: I'm sorry, I need to go to the bathroom very badly.
    Sorry, I've got an urgent call of nature.
    I have to answer the nature's call.
    Just a mo, I'm feeling the call of nature.
    I've to get going, nature calls!

    What's left is to find idioms fit for less sticky situations: being short of money, short of love, needing one's mother badly (we should ask Icarus here.)
  • If I catch what's worrying you, Hortence, you don't like to use a "bad" word that I for one don't find all that bad.

    Just use "to be in dire need of" instead of "to need badly".
    I am in dire need of advice.
    I am in dire need of a penny.
    I am in dire need of lots of money.
    I am in dire need of sleep.
    I am in dire need of going on vacation/holiday.

    Definitely I find "I need advice very badly" flowing easier.
    That doesn't prevent me of having an awful call of nature, as Raimund suggested.
    If you were in dire need (full stop), you could be in dire straits. Hope you aren't.
  • Hi you all the needies Hortence, Gee, Raimund, Gee, AhQ!

    I just found another way to say that one need something very urgently:
    He was so desperate for a job he would have done anything.
    He was absolutely desperate to see her.
    I'm desperate for a cigarette.(informal)

    The children are in desperate need of love and attention.
  • Hail Gwendo! (1)
    The needy greet you very low! (2)

    Us, the needy, we couldn't do anything but agree that we were so desperate for getting a sign from Gwendo that we would have done nothing but waiting for her clever another way to feel needy. Our despair is a despair settled on top of despair. (3)
    Day by day our needs are growing very badly. It's a dismal prospect for our needs: they are wickedly getting more and more pressing.

    At the start we were in need – badly! (4)
    As a second step, Hortence let us know we were in need of advice very badly. (5)
    Thereafter Raimund suggested we had a call of nature. (6)
    Then AhQ told he was in dire need of a fag. (7)
    Today Gwendo points out that we are bound to desperation.
    Up until now we learned a way to get rid of despair, it's Sandy's. But before jumping out of a window at the sixth floor of a concrete building, most of the needy are in desperate need of attention from an expert on the subject.

    One of the needy

    (1) Ave Gwendolina!
    (2)Die Notleidenden grüßen Sie viel tief!/Les nécessiteux vous saluent bien bas!/ Los necesitados le saludan muy bajo!
    (3)I picked up that stunning exclamatory expression from Sandy who cried it out after losing her beloved Philip (refer to Delavigne blog, latest entry posted: Funky Friday Feedback: Explain yourselves.)
    (4)As being the poorest of the poor, our future was fateful but going through ups and downs before the fatal moment.
    (5)Advice about how to keep polite when being greatly in need of something.
    (6)A quite polite way to be in pressing need.
    (7)AhQ is a heavy smoker.
  • Just to set things right: Gee is talking nonsense. So to say, I've never smoked.

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