English Grammar

Once I saw the sales figures..., I knew

How to address the Gymglish computer to confront him, her with an obviously false translation in the grammar-part?

Once as a conjunction should be translated by "Als ich erst einmal die Zahlen sah, wußte ich..." with inversion in the subordinate clause

and not by

Einmal sah ich die Zahlen und wußte...
where once is an adverb of number.



  • Posting your remark here down could possibly make the Big Mother-computer reply one day or another. Once in a blue moon physical individuals of the GG teaching team might drop by.

    As a last resort you could send a mail to the GG team asking it be forwarded to whom it may concern.

    CS ... to confront him, her ...
    I'd write: to confront them, as you want to shun 'to confront it', refusing to look at the machine as at a common thing.


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