The Delavigne Corporation

Missing You

this message is dedicated to Bruno...
Bruno, I miss you in my gymglish lessons...
I hope you're well (and also you'll come back soon).


  • Missing you, too
  • To be honest I wasn't so much missing Bruno. I wouldn't compete with a by nature endowed Clarissa or Gwendo for an executive director who was standing out of the reach of a modest girl of my kind. Anyway Bruno is not that good at intercourse, that's a heartfelt truth.

    The first time Philip popped up in my story I got mad about him. On February the 27th I started missing him desperately. On March 8th I got going missing myself, due to a misdeed perpetrated by AhQ. (If you are out of the loop, visit the Delavigne blog where everything is told.) And according to what the same AhQ had brought to peddling, I'll go missing forever tomorrow at the third hour, a doom-laden sacred hour (let's suppose it'll be 3PM GMT).

    Before leaving forever I wish Clarissa and Gwendo the best in their hunt for Bruno.

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