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Translation Problem another or still

In my today's grammar lesson the computer sent the following sentence: Wir müssen noch eine Fahrkarte kaufen, wich is very ambigous in German.

We still have to buy a ticket: Now all things are done, only one thing remains to do, to buy a ticket:
eine Fahrkarte kaufen.
We have to buy another ticket: We already have a ticket or some tickets, but if you'll go with us we have to buy an additional ticket, another ticket, noch eine Fahrkarte.

In both cases the German says "noch", but the meaning is very different. Dear Computer: Please take it as a hint to augment your offer of answers.


  • If I catch you right, Gwendo, noch may be used for nochmals. (My command in German is slim to none.)

    Would our Dear Computer remain ambiguous if the context of the sentence was taken in account? Or is it a sentence coming in a multiple-choice question, in which case all possible answers right or wrong cannot be input.
    Aren't you too much demanding, Gwendo?

  • Hi Gee, that's what my friends use to say: I'm too demanding. Thanks for remind me about it.
    By the way: one of the "noch" is like additional = nochmals, the other one is a problem of modality, very hard to explain, I tried it in the first case.
    Let's forget it! In German: Schwamm drüber! (Sponge over it)
    Hopefully you are fine after that lots of free hugs.

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