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I want to know if somebody can help in translating - "OCEANE" Obligation Convertible Echangeable en action nouvelle ou existante - in english?




  • After reading the question you mooted, I went to Wiki to see what they thought of it.

    According to what reads in Wikipedia OCEANE must be a product specifically French. In such case, I presume it doesn't get translated.

    From the site here above mentioned:
    OCEANEs (or Obligation Convertible En Actions Nouvelles ou Existantes) are bonds which may be converted into the equity of the issuer, but the issuer has the right to deliver new shares or old shares held in Treasury (possibly with different dividend rights). THEY ARE A COMMON STRUCTURE FOR FRENCH ISSUES. These bonds are technically not convertibles, AS DEFINED BY THE LAW OF 25 FEBRUARY 1953. Consequently, there is no three-month conversion period for investors following the date that bonds called are due for redemption, (AS IS OTHERWISE REQUIRED, UNDER FRENCH LAW, FOR FRENCH CONVERTIBLES).

    Warning: words got underlined with uppercases by the copyist.
  • Hi Pascal,

    for OCEANE I found:
    "une série télévisée australienne"
    "une actrice pornographique"
    et en finances:
    convertible bond or "convertible debenture" (Wikipedia.org) Pour le reste je ne sais pas.

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