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To be + infinitive with to

Hello everybofy!
In the last English lesson I learnt a new grammar rule.. and I´m surprised because I had never heard about it until now.

That was the sentence:

"I´m to print those reports"
It was said that its translation is like, it´s a duty.

So these are my question:

Is it the same meaning: I have to print those reports?"

And, if it is the same meaning,what are the differences between both sentences and in what situations can we use the first one?

Thank you very much and have a good day,



  • perhaps "I have to" means an obligation
  • to have to / to have got to
    seems to have a wider range of use than to be to.
    That's why I'll stick to Ophelia's sentence.

    With Gekaji I think that "I have to print those reports" has a stronger shade of meaning of an obligation.
    I have to print those reports = I must print those reports /or/ I am obliged to print ... /or/ I can't shun the printing.

    I am to print it.

    [to be to + infinitive] is commonly used to report things that are likely to happen in the near future.
    Ex. As she is overwhelmed with work, she is to come back home at a late hour tonight. (= she will come back...)
    Ex. Accounts are usually brought in as paper copies. Since Ophelia is to print her reports. (= she will probably print...)
    Ex. Since the shrinkage in output, the company is to go bust. (= is likely to go bust)

    Such construction [be + infinitive] is also commonly used with "if-clauses".
    Ex. If Ophelia is to comply with the rules, she is to print the report.
    Ex. If Ophelia is to recover, she will take care of herself henceforward.
    Ex. If I am to be corrected, I'll be very pleased to be.
  • thank you very much :-)
    It ´s been useful your help

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