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Need help for two translations in french...

I'm working on a paper that needs to be translate in french but I'm still searching for an answer... could someone help me on those two:

...befitting the sweep in the Roman Empire...( what is the meaning of befitting the sweep. The article is about Apicius, Roman gourmet who was a famous cook at that time)

And the second expression I need to find is:
... often more so than the flour-dusted notes that modern cooks stuffed into pages of a favourite cookbook... (what's the meaning of flour-dusted notes?).
Thank you everybody for helping me!!


  • "qui faisait fureur" is a bit too much, I think, because it isn't said "befitting what was all the rage in the Roman Empire".

    "qui avait cours dans", "qui était de mise dans", "qui était celle de"... should tally closer with the English words.
  • to befit the sweep = to be proper to the sweep
    the sweep here seems to be a movement of great range
    befitting the sweep in the Roman Empire = according to the trend that was thriving in the Roman Empire -> conformément à la tendance qui faisait fureur dans l'empire romain (just my try!)

    flour = finely ground meal of wheat
    to dust = to sprinkle with fien particles
    flour-dusted (thanks to the hyphen goes for an adjective)
    flour-dusted notes -> des notes saupoudrées de farine

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