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Questions to old users

Oups you might be young or old, it doesn't matter, my meaning was : question to people who use Gymglish since a longer time.

Does the level increase after a certain time and are there ways of improving my writing in English ?

I'm in the "testing" period and I'd like to be sure that my English will become better in every ways.

Thanks a lot for your answers.


  • From here up (I like to fly high level) I can assure you that the GymGlish flies sheer heaven, it’s a booster rocket.

    Buy Gymglish stocks now, you’ll make money - in fact, mainly language profits.

    This is free advice, angels never run for bucks.
  • You’re quite young as a GymGlishuser. But how old are you as a fairy?

    To go straight to the point I’ll tell you that the level goes up gradually but with some bumps… Sometimes the lesson seems to me quite easy but the day after it’s hard to work it out.
    Don't miss to use the workbook. Mine tells up to several hundreds of pages.

    That’s my own experience which's been lasting for some months yet.

    I’d also be very pleased to often come across you here in the lounge. That’s a good way improving your writing.
  • You’re a mole, aren’t you?
    Would you actually be a true fairy, you’d just to move your wand around, make sparks fly and … oops! - Here you are with the true answer.
    But mole or not mole, true fairy or treacherous fairy, the question is worth answering.

    Do I feel concerned as an old user? I’ve to ponder a bit before answering.
    In fact I’m very fond of old timers planes. (Would you be interested in, jot down your e-mail address and I’ll send you a picture of my best biplane.) But I’d be reluctant at looking at myself as at an old timer.

    Anyway you said “you might be young or old”, so I’ll give my opinion.
    It’s just my personal assessment.
    You’ll have to get a significant number of answers to draw up statistics and charts in order to make up your mind in a valid way. I wonder whether you’ll get them.

    So here is my personal stand on your question.
    I started with Gymglish last February.
    My initial level was more or less “intermediate”.
    I got the lessons daily.
    Assiduity: nearly 100%.
    Today my Gymglish marks are about 5 (higher level) on grammar, vocabulary, writing understanding…
    Oral comprehension around the 4.6 only. But I must tell you that I’m suffering from a drop in hearing due to a trauma got in a flight with an old timer biplane.

    To make the long story short, I tell you that I’m very satisfied with the Gymglish.
    I think the level goes up gradually.
    But I also think that you should take the lessons daily and, according to your time, achieve the best workout possible in different ways, for instance in coming round the forum as oft as possible.

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