English Vocabulary


Gymglish french translation for podcast is.... podcast

Me voilà bien avancé !
Que signifie podcast ?


  • Podcast imposed itself in most languages as it comes from American English and as English has imposed itself throughout the world since WWII. But if you are a French language purist you may call it ballado because a podcast/un ballado can be issued on a MP3 which is a kind of "balladeur".
    (ballado from balladodiffusion, podcast from podcasting).

    podcast has been built from pod-(broad)cast
    a pod: think of a pea (cosse du pois) or a cockpit of a spaceship (nacelle).
    The pod here comes from the iPod of Apple.
    As you know, a podcast is an audiofile (possibly video) digitally recorded so as to be read on a MP3 or other mobile device, or a computer, hence possibly via internet.

    You might get more at http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Podcasting

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