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So, this is the lounge...

So, this is the lounge…
At first sight, a lot of tourists like me are hanging around with their name tags: Shalamgaya, Maike Rein, Rabah Chelghoum; regular visitors are waiting for the party to begin: Gwendo, AhQ, Lucky Bastard (weird, Gee is paint into a corner); staff members are standing in a strategic position, clean, available, willing: Hannah Benedict, Willy, The Guardian Angel (he/she is a kind of GO I guess); the Head of Delavigne is playing poker with the Nose in a private salon... but nobody is there to welcome me with a hug, a pog, or a kiss on the cheek!
I have already visited a lot of place in town (the Awe Palace, the Have a hug site, the Candide neighbourhood (although a wise person told me not to go there alone anymore for I could lose my mind!), the A pair of pants boutique, etc. I went to the outer suburbs, the Blog, they call it. It’s a very dangerous place where you can be eaten by a bear but nobody cares. I watched a slanging match there, wow! Not very uplifting if I may say...
Hey, you, what was your favourite?


  • My favourite just now is the above synthesizing point. Great!
    If you are a newbie, Newbe, for sure you are an English language prodigy, so fluent and perfect is your say.
    You should take my hugs and pogs for granted yet.
    Hope to read you on a regular basis.
    Hope you'll get plenty of answers to your last line question.

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