English Grammar


In the lesson of to day I saw the three following forms :
I think that the last one must be : tornado is ...
But i don't see the difference for the two others.
Can somebody help me ?
Thank you.


  • Tornados and tornadoes are both regular plurals.
    Could you tell me the difference between a tornado and a twister?
    Hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones are a bit more driving, I guess.
    Read you later alligator!
  • Hi!!!

    I am not a genius in meteorology (and do not say I'm Judy Garland in Wizard of OZ) but as I could read in my dictionnary , tornado,twister and a whirlwind is the same atmospheric fenomenon. In USA , on use the word "twister" but in english on use more frecuently tornado and whirlwind.

    Note: whirlwind is used not only as weather condition. There are another sense as adjective, before noun describes an event that happens very fast, and often, unexpectedly. For ex. It was a whirwind tour, we coudn´t get off the bus to make a photo!!!

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