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read and write and speak english very well

hi friends ,
firsly i want to tell you that is my frist lesson in gymglish . i'm looking for your help . i need learn english .tell my friends about what i must do plz?

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  • you have to read much, do the test an learn songs in english. Good luck
  • From Zaman Marzia:
    Hi every body my problem is that i can speak very welle but i have trouble in writhing i have too many mistake hope you help me with that


    hello .
    if you want to improve your english you should always speak it and writte it .
    epecially listening a music or watching movies.
    so, I can help you if you need me.
    see you .
  • The best way to improve in a language like English is to listen a lot. However, there are many kinds of listening possible. Here are some of ones :

    1. Listening for pronunciation
    At the begining, you have to concentrate on proununciation. Fisrt, download audio files in English on your MP3 player. You may burn a CD if you prefer. Choose easy and short audio files. Then, listen to them. Repeat the phrases as you listen. Try as hard as possible to imitate the native speaker's sounds so that you can almost say them by heart. Your goal is to get the pronunciation right in English.

    2. Listening for feel
    Once you are comfortable with the natural sounds of the language, you have to concentrate on how things are expressed in English. Choose audio file on subject that interest you. It's better to acquire the text file of this content. Read it and look up the words that you do not understand. Then, listen to it over and over. Your goal is to create a connection with the language and a feeling of how things are said in English. That is why it is important to choose contents that are interesting to you.

    3. Listen then speak
    If you have not opportunities to speak English regularly, you can listen to your audio file and try to summarize or to express your opinion on what you have heard. Your goal is to make words you are learning a part of your active vocabulary. For best results, practice it after having listened your content.

    4. Listen for review
    You may listen to content to refresh your knowledge. This kind of listening is a valuable training tool. This will warm you up to the language before a meeting or a trip to the country where Englis is spoken.

    That'it for today
    If you are any more questions and comments let me know
    Bye !
  • hi kiapway

    I think you have the same problem that me but do you know how to improve my vocabulary was listening and watching tv everyday in English so, when you have time go to an a chat or practice whith natives that is good gymglish to practice when you have time to go a English school try to speak a lot.I don't know if you are interested in some schools on line if you do I recomend this:
    they have webcam you can talk any languge with people of the world so good luck! and have a nice day!
  • From Pélagie Kiapway:
    Hi everybody,

    my problem is to speak english, I think that whit gymglish, I want to go well


    Hi Pelagie,
    I think so;Gymglish is good to follow my progression each day, about understanding;but It is necessary to complete this, participating to real exchanges or interviews with somebody
  • Hello everybody,....!!

    It's ther first time that I use gymglish, and I think that is the good way to learn english.... please help me if I have mistakes, it's to hard the grammar for my, and I need correct this point....

    Regards & good look for all... :O)
    HOW I DO?

  • From Samuel Rodriguez:
    HOW I DO?



    HI Rodriguez !
    There are three ways to speak and read quickly.
    First, you must read a lot to acquire more vocabulary. The more you read the more you will learn many words.

    Second, you have to listen a lot. Listening to the same content many times is good to your speaking. You must be able to understand what people saying. That is why you must to listen a lot.

    Third, you must to review all the words you have learning as you read texts.

    This three activities have to represent 75 % of your learning time. Thereafter you can speak and write to test out your new vocabulary.

    If you want to get better and faster avoid to lose your time memorizing grammar rules.
    Remember a seven year old child can speak fluent without having to learn grammar rules. The method is the same but more quickly.
  • hi everybody

    this is my first time to use forum
    My problem is speaking and writting englis very well
    l have any difficult to make a good sentences
    please help me

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