English Grammar

read and write and speak english very well

hi friends ,
firsly i want to tell you that is my frist lesson in gymglish . i'm looking for your help . i need learn english .tell my friends about what i must do plz?

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  • Nobody could tell you what you ask for because the word "advices" doesn't exist.
    Seeking advice in the way you do it is just nonsense because a lot of information is lacking to make up one's mind.
  • hello my name is flo rondo im form chikago and
  • i think that speak english is almost imposible if you are not
  • To whom it may concern:

    learning a new or foreign language involves many things as patience, willingness, obedience and observation I guess.
    Don't you ever try to copy another person way of speaking (volubilité). Each and everyone of us has been tremendously created by God with a seed of greatness. you're so peculiar, so don't copy another person style!

    Read a lot, listen to News from english spoken broadcasts such as CNN, you can sing in english if you feel like and finally but not the least, try to create what I call "the English spoken environment"

    I'm telling you about my own experience. I am a native of RDC, which is former Zaïre with french as an official language.

    Allez-y comprendre quelques choses!
  • hi I'm Camilo from colombia and I want to improve my English too. If somebody wants to do the same, maybe we can talk about anything....... just to practice and better if I have the chance to know other people, we can do that by messenger so if you want to and you have microphone, add me, my mail is imac45@hotmail.com we can make a group and share experiences or whatever you want
  • From Pélagie Kiapway:
    Hi everybody,

    my problem is to speak english, I think that whit gymglish, I want to go well


    you can read in a loud voice each lesson and listen to yourself. Day by day you¨ll sound better
  • From karis:
    hello, it is the first time I use gymglish. And I am not very good in english grammar!! so , I wonder if you can help me and give me some clues in order to succeed. thanks

  • Hi,that is my first time in english forum. I am so happy. I'd like to learn english but I need help. thanks everybody.
  • hellloooo friends
  • hello i am a new ihave need a or many persons for help me in english because iam in commercialmanagement .please speak and creat the text

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