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read and write and speak english very well

hi friends ,
firsly i want to tell you that is my frist lesson in gymglish . i'm looking for your help . i need learn english .tell my friends about what i must do plz?

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  • my friend i live you and i will be back in 30 min
  • hello friends,i am not good at grammar I need you,together we will be good
  • Good move, nikitta, I'll write only the roots of verbs and you'll make it up for the end. OK?
  • Hi nikitta!
    Shall we get started with Gee's proposal?
    I write a sentence with verbs in the infinitive and you conjugate them.
    "I (write) only the roots of verbs and you (make up) endings."

    What am I expecting you to write, nikitta?
    Here you are:
    "I will write only the roots of verbs and you will make up endings."
    But nikitta, such a pattern of exercise is going to appear at any time almost every day in your GymGlish lessons.
    But that doesn't mean it is not interesting to "work together" in order to become good, as you said, nikitta.
    You write some lines. Someone else corrects your mistake by another mistake. The latter mistake gets corrected by another one, and so on, up until a correct form eventually brings the process to a happy end. For everything is brought to a happy end at the GymGlish.

    Now to my friend Gee:((you must know that I made Gee's acquaintance through this forum)
    No harm feelings (as they say here around), Gee.
    You don't come with an end to the root of a verb but, to my mind, with an ending. It's not the end of the world anyway.
    As for me, I'd rather make up an ending than "make it up" for make it up with you is reconcile you.
    By the way, how are you doing, Gee?
  • Please check www.voanews.com is a free web page where you can find podcasts It's really good!!!

    From Neny:
    Hi every Body ! I need your help because it very imporetant to me to kow english very well; but I have a great problem in listening and I have no sufficiant vocabulary! I try to listen BBC or to see movie but it's very difficult for me! please help§ Gymenglish is very good but it's not "gratuit" and I have difficulty to pay the course. Do you know another course that we have not to pay?

  • hello everybody!!like Neny,I need your help.I just want to develop my english...I want to be able speaking english...and I'm unable to develop it alone...so what kind of advice can you give me or like Neny said have you an idea about courses that are free?
    thank you

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