The Delavigne Corporation


Bob who has been swamped with work the past weeks. But Who is Bob?
Bob Cheeter
Bob Jones
Bob Marron
Bob Quincy
Bob Warbuckle
Bob what


  • It's Willy the bobby.
  • I was kidding, hey! Willy is nothing of a Londoner bobby. He is a genuine private American security guard like the so many private American security guards operating in Baghdad. He declined to go to Irak even though he was offered a huge salary. But he wouldn't for anything leave the Delavigne family. So much for the privilege he is granted to come round this forum now and then and meet with fair ladies from around the world.

    Cheeter? A Bob? Not flipping likely. Just womanizing, without cheating according to the gossips.

    Jones? Such a British gentleman couldn't be called Bob. Should this happen, he would be going by the refined first name of Robert.

    Jean? No French guy could answer to an easy-going name as Bob.

    Since the death of Daedalus, his cunning father, Icarus is doomed to be hung up in the maze of his fussy mother's whims. No chance Icarus go bobbing up and down.

    Warbuckle is a thriving tycoon. He deserves a royal first name, not a loser's.

    Bob what? What's up with Bob? Maybe he has got hiding inside his cart. I've been told that carters sometimes hide in their cart as they are exhausted lugging it. And Bob's cart is full of computers, bytes, and all that jazz. He must have been swamped with a lot of digital bits. He is a dead loss that Carter, so much that no one can remember his given name.
  • Bob C _ _ T _ R! Fill in the blanks!
  • Very deep study about one name, that could be a page of an intelligent detective novel.
    Who was the murderer?
  • Stinck, Bruno's dog, is suspected! It can stand bobbed hair and then it murders by biting. (Between you and me, St. Johann, Sinck heard Jean Marron say 'vas-tu mordre?', so the beast murdered.)
  • I want to participate at this forum because i have a great interest in the Delavigne Corporation , I began my lesson without information about Bob, Bob'sfather and so on.... Can you inform me about that?
  • If he isn't Bob Marlow, I'll accept Hannah's solution:
    It must be Bob Carter who has something to do with sales figures or GDP.
    Have fun with your lessons!

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