English Vocabulary

someone or something ?

À la question :
An example of something or someone that is reliable is :
- a car salesman who doesn't deceive his clients
- a car that always starts on winter mornings.

j'ai répondu "a car salesman who doesn't deceive his clients"
à cause de "someone" qui me semblait indiquer que la réponse attendue était une personne..
Or, c'est l'autre réponse qui était la bonne;
- Is a car "someone" or "something" ?


  • Hi Jean-Paul Pierre!
    I had a hard time translating you. Next time make it to tell it in English.

    I guess the question you wrote was not a question at all. Anyway there is no question mark. But probably something in missing in the problem you set. For both sentences are correct (at least I think so).
    If for example you put a command like this "Choose the sentence telling something is reliable.", the correct reply is the second one.

    I suggest you check out in your lesson.

  • he maybe is not very good at english like me,but i dout why he can not know whether a car is "someone" or "something"
  • Hallo Jean Paul ou Pierre!

    I think a car is female in French: la Porsche, la Mercedes, la BMW.
    In German a car is male: der Porsche, der Mercedes, der BMW.
    In spite of that, we say in German: das Auto, (neutre) une chause, the car.
    If you are very familiar with your car as I am, like the petit Prince de Saint Exupéry avec sa rose ou une bete, you may treat your car as a person, as someone, but normally it's something.

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