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to ask

Bonsoir, j'ai un souci avec une phrase au travail, je voulais savoir si je doit y mettre "ask at" ou plutôt "ask to".
Voici la phrase en question : "for more informations, ask ... the reception staff"
Moi j'aurais tendance à mettre "ask to" mais mon patron lui il vote pour "ask at".
Si quelqu'un peut m'aider et me renseigner se serait super
Vous remerciant d'avance.



  • I had a hard time translating your text, Maggy64. Next time you'd better tell it in plain English.

    First and foremost, never put an s to end information. Information is uncountable.
    So, write or say: for more information ask the reception staff.

    To ask someone something.
    something is the direct object of the transitive verb 'ask'.
    someone is the indirect object of the verb but doesn't require any preposition. I think the preposition 'to' is rarely used with ask. I may say "I was asked to the forum", it means I was invited to enter the forum. When one says "I ask you to write in English", to is no preposition but the particle of the verb.

    As a conclusion I suggest you write
    "For further information ask the reception staff."

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