English Vocabulary

should= if ?

Can you give me the translation in French of this:
"I am concerned that should people obtain a National classification that they will find it difficult to accept the International situation should they achieve good scores & may want to challenge our system".


  • The sentence leaves me a bit perplexing, votourzen. I wonder whether some comma wouldn't make it clearer. A lot of people writing in English are used to being sparing with punctuation marks, but it's a wrong behaviour.

    Let's give it a try: Ce qui m'inquiète, c'est que l'on devrait obtenir une classification nationale telle que les gens auront du mal à accepter la situation internationale, devraient-ils réaliser de bons scores et peut-être vouloir contester notre système.

    What does that grab you?
  • Thank you ,now I understand the meaning of this sentence.

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