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the teaser teased?

I overheard that Todd the alien could have come to Earth to find out funnier jokes. Weren't Philip and Brian joking about their imaginative guest? Will the latter come to life like a Pinocchio moving from the teased to the teaser? Brian and Philip moving from the teaser to the teased.
Please tell me.


  • Any alien civilisation which is able to transcend
    copious light years must be tremendously
    superior to us. Is that your insinuation?

    Superiors don't need others - except for
    parading their superiority - is that your
    personal way of thinking? Being arrogant,
    Have you ever heard something like that before?
    I think so.
  • I hadn't thought so far, Uderzo. I wanted to compare the piece of fiction of the Funky Friday to the tales of ancient times meaning that it was six of one and half a dozen of the other. Of course you're right pointing out that tales are driving a moral but I let you draw the one that suits you.
    Thank you for your follow-up.

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