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Esmeralda, Horatio's most beautiful female monkey, his muse as he says, is out on town with Philip tonight. Smelling really good and made up with a beautiful shade of lipstick is all any female needs to win Philip over.


  • Esmeralda and Philip parted soon last night because Esmeralda was wearing a golden bracelet. If you must know, monkeys' salaries at Delavigne are worth monkeys' weight in gold. Esmeralda was to pay an emotional homage to one of her golden sort together with thousands of people she was sharing a lot of genes with. That didn't force Philip to spend the night alone. He pulled indeed. The girl was wearing nothing but a silver bracelet but was really hot.
  • As the day drew to a close yesterday, it was just by chance that Philip was wandering in the vicinity of the Masjid Al Noor premises, the Mosque of the Muslim Community Association of the SF Bay Area. Nothing low-cut in sight. He came to choose a pug-nose framed by a beige veil. According to what he said this morning, unveiling such mysterious treasure trove with soft skin and rounded bust was an exhilarating experience not to be missed. Which goes to show that the finest babes aren't those showing up.
  • As he enjoyed so much his latest night out, Philip wanted to go through that again in the same district. But he bumped into a burqa, dark black and perfectly face-veiled. Was it a pug nose behind? *?x***^ Things didn't go over because it happened to be Jones inside, Brian Jones, and Brian Jones is well known for being devoted to his one and only partner.
  • Guess what I did this morning, the bee's knees. I dropped by Horatio's lab. I tried and chatted with Esmeralda. As long as I could understand her, she told me Philip was nothing but a braggart; he had next to nothing in his pants, she said. But she was raving about the Jackson who, according to her, had been able to make Black, White, Apes, Monkeys and all that jazz get a kick out of it. I can't believe Esmeralda be such a chatterbox.
  • Thank you for texting, Gee. As for me I couldn't believe YOU were gossiping, but so much the better! Gossips, be they reports of fact or presumptions always drive shreds of truth.

    About facts:
    Everyone knows that all employees in the sales department of the Delavigne are females, if not their manager Philip Cheeter. Moreover all are pretty young. Doesn't that make you reflect a bit? If you were out of the loop, ask Hannah. She'll tell you. (Remember Hannah is known for being fond of gossips.)

    About presumptions:
    Look ahead about the upcoming affair of Philip with Chelsea. Make up your mind about how it's going to go off.
    If you must know, Chelsea has nothing to do with the British city, neither with its soccer team. Chelsea is an American call-girl in Manhattan. To her customers, she offers much more than a common intercourse, she spends an evening with them for what is said a “girlfriend experience”.
    I suggest we made up our mind about what will happen as Philip comes and makes the girlfriend experience with Chelsea. That's to happen soon because Philip has bought a ride from SF to NY by the Greendog Line busses.
    Don't fail to check your presumptions by going out to the movie and watch the film by Steven Soderbergh “Girlfriend Experience” which is released now in your country. Philip is featuring under a stage name.
  • As he is used to, Philip Cheeter bet last Saturday on, his favourite bookie. The bookmaker had suggested he bet on the San Francisco FC in its match vs San Juan Jabloteh, which is due next July 30. But Philip was a bit upset by his meeting with a burqa the day before, that's why, a bit absent-minded, he bet on Susie. But Susie wasn't competitor at all.
  • Philip has the hangover this Monday morning. Moreover he is in a huff with Susie because she didn't really enjoy Philip betted on her.
  • Philip is using only Tiger Lily perfumed condoms because he noticed Susy was wearing Tiger Lily at nights. Now look, Philip uses condoms if and only if the girl requires it.
  • As he was used to, Philip couldn't help teasing Susy about the perfumed condom he would use when her. But Susy claimed Philip's device was copycat stuff as Delavigne had never issued perfumed condoms so far. Despite her tough retort, Susie's nervousness turned a presentation she was to make into a debacle.
    (by hearsay.)

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