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clerical duties

What is a new recruit expected to do, when the job advert says: some clerical duties? To say mass regularly for the staff? To drink C wine?


  • Hi Gwendo, it's nice to chat with you again!

    As the clergy members don't say mass so often these days, they are compelled most of the time to clerical tasks. In this context to do a clerical mistake is to empty bottles and bottles of mass wine.

    In a business context, my experience tells me that, when you see the words "clerical duties" at the end of a job description, it means that the last arrived in a company could be asked to emptied the trash can as well as bringing coffee for all the staff. Don't be fooled by these words!

    To do a "clerical mistake" is to refuse to execute clerical duties.
  • I was just kidding!

    Corrections will be welcome.
  • I am a clerk. Please don't mistake me for a clergyman.

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