English Vocabulary

What a bookie have to do

Hi everyone,

can you explain, what a bookie is and what he normally does.
Does he book somebody or something? Does he book in or out? Does he do or make or start a book? Or does he do something by the book?


  • Philip Cheeter's bookie introduces himself as an internet site going by this name: MyBet.com. If you must know, Philip is a big gambler. He bets on any babe he is bumping into.

    What has a bookmaker to do? To beg you to put money into his account. Thereafter to beg you to bet on anything. If you win, he'll keep a big part to himself. If you lose he will take a commission anyway. The bookmaker is that sort of man, kind of Bernard Madoff, who gets wealthy only by speculating with money of sheep.
  • Oh I see! Thanks to you with that unpronouncable and inexpressible name.
    Do you mind if I use a shortform of it, e.g. Bythebek?
  • Which name is it about, Gwendo? Is it mine? In fact it's a nickname as you must have guessed. Didn't you know bees had knees? Not the queen in the hive which is sheer lazybones, but the workers have knees. Not to bend their knees before the queen but to carry so many lumps of sugar. My workout here on GymGlish looks like a bee's hard work. That's why I chose that nickname. If you can't pronounce it easily, just have some practice. Good for your oral English.

    (No C is to be brought to your perfect English, Gwendo. But mine could need some.)
  • Excuse me for shorting up your perfectly choosen knickname.
    So it's me who needed a C and not you.

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