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bed and breakfast in the airport?

In the event of a layout due to a delay accomodation will be provided in the airport.

Does that mean that you can sleep there?
Or does it mean they organize an accomodation in the city for you.


  • Excuse me please. The correct sentence delivered by the GG computer must go:
    In the event of a layover due to a delay, hotel accomodation will be provided within the airport.
    Do the peesengers sleep there?
  • The passengers are lead to believe that in case of a delay causing a layover (or stopover) they will be provided with an accomodation in a hotel located in the very airport.
    Not in the city, but in the airport which is fit with a hotel.
    An accomodation is a lodging.
    Will passengers sleep there or are they doomed to be kept awake by the deafening noise of takeoffs at any time all the night long?
  • Hi John and Gee! What a chance! I remember, Gee, that you had or have something to do with flights and airports, so you are best informed about those details.
    As for me, I would like to book an accomodation within the airport and watch airplanes starting and landing all the night long, you can bet your life on that. I adore railway stations and airports, harbours and ports.
  • CS? all THE night long???
    Why not simply all night long? as we say "all day long" "all week long"
    In the case of passengers compelled to spend an unexpected night at a layover, as a particular night is to be lived, maybe should we say "all the night long" for "all THAT night long" ???????
    Who could tell me how it works?
  • To the bee's knees:
    Holy cow!! (1)
    Not only you think you are the bee's knees, the bee's knees, but definitely you ARE!

    (1) don't take it as a plagiarism. It showed up in my yesterday's GG lesson.

    To Gwendo:
    Here you lay bare your innermost desires, Gwendo. As your body is dwelling in Freiburg, your soul is travelling throughout the world. Your soul is a three-master looking for its Icarian City. (2) Since I wish you, Gwendo, daily departures which wouldn't be routine takeoffs.
    Now, let's put our utopian ideas aside for a while. I think it was more scenic watching the Christopher Columbus flagship Santa Maria leave a Spanish harbour than watching planes taking off the one after the other. Moreover you had better go into a control tower and sit down by the side of the ground controller rather than booking an accomodation within an airport. And why not taking off yourself? I'd be pleased to give you a hand - with no obligation on your part, it goes without saying!

    (2) plagiarizing Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du Mal: "Notre âme est un trois-mâts cherchant son Icarie".
  • 1. Very nice, indeed!
    2. Icarus is a male human being, he has something of a Kamikaze worrier. I don't feel close to him. To me travelling through the airs is like looking in a far away star's eyes, even if the light coming from him(?) doesn't belong to my present time. But I insist, looking at him every night, just breathing in and brathing out to make sure that I'm still awake. Some time he will notice and answer!
    Be careful Icare and don't fly too close to the sun, nor to the sea!
    But perhaps my worries are antiquated, outdated for a long time, because all these nowadays Icare have got all the new techniques which make their flights bare of adventure and challenge. Certainly you can book them in a travel agency.
    Or they are grown older an have become a Daedalus.
    3. My Japanese aunt, godmother, worked in a control tower, she always was near a burnout. So I'm not to fond of that place. The noise must be extraordinary there?!
  • What means "brathing" ?

  • Sorry! Breathing in and breathing out.

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