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When do you use


  • How nice to read Sandy's summary after waiting for somebody to do it, because someone with a long name judged the list worth telling apart. Very interesting! But why do you say "industriously" in this context?

    Other vocabular question: who of you can teach me the spelling of "voucher"? Is it more like "wauscher" or like wusché? I bought some disney park tickets online for my grandchildren and the park sent me the voucher to print them.
  • feel free to use all of them
  • Hi Cordula,
    I didn't know the existence of female shepherds, shepherdesses, certainly you have one good sheepdog ore more who give(s) you shelter day and night and protect the herd. I would like to here more about your profession. If you agree I'll send you my e-mail adress.
    Me too, I'm not a teacher. They are always looking out for teachers, habitually.
    Perhaps Norbert will jump at it.
  • Dear (you) all,
    thanks for having taken a close look at my language question. The teacher must be Norbert, not me. I'm more like a shepherd who has much time for learning English and reflecting on problems while tending sheep.
  • When do you use
  • Dear deputy-teacher,

    First of all I will congratulate you for having been appointed as a deputy-teacher by the GymGlish Institution. All GGforum-users are so pleased to get the assignments you have started to “release” here down. As I've been for long one of the most industrious learners of the GG, I wouldn't be outdone; hence here is the result of my homework.

    As my classmates wrapped up their answers in a single story, I wanted to do likewise. Therefore I chose “Pornocratès” a painting by Félicien Rops which is displayed in a museum dedicated to the painter in Namur, a small city hosting the Walloon government. Rops was a satirical and symbolist painter of the 19th century. I presume that, as you are German, you don't know much about the collection's item I have chosen. But you might watch it on www.museerops.be/oeuvre/2006042001/
    or http://peckhaminfurs.blogspot.com/2008/10/pornocrates-felicien-rops.html
    or whatever other site about Rops.
    So you could check my say before rating my assignment.

    The painting shows a chubby prostitute, in the raw, apart from long gloves, long stockings and a blindfold. As she is blindfolded she is lead on the leash by a pig. At ogling that erotic painting (what beast could ever be more erotic than a pig?) I feel greatly “relieved” at thinking the pleasures of the flesh are the right way to get “unchained” from the rigorism of the western culture that has been tormenting people during 2000 years.
    Besides who on earth would dare to “unleash” the dog of the blind? Who on earth would be so narrow-minded as to “unleash” the pig of the prostitute, the pig of each of us?
    Some centuries ago, such groundbreaking symbolist painting would have stirred up “unbridled” protest from a score of Tartuffe.

    I hope my work will suit you, St. Johann.
    Before leaving, I'd suggest you something. After giving the marks, why not reckon the GPA of the class? The corporate accountant Quincy could give you hand.

    Best regards,
  • Dear Mister St.Johann,

    If Sandy took her leave of you 'industriously', that shows she is at the ready to regularly give in her homeworks, hoping as most of us do, that you will put forward on the forum such exercises on a regular basis. May I be so bold as to suggest you fix a deadline for giving in our homeworks. It took 8 days before the first copy was given in. And now works are going to flow in as the GG-learners start to feel UNBRIDLED after Sandy's outstanding workout.

    We presume Norbert's homework is to come after his Disney Land party. That's quite understandable. But everyone thinks it's a smart move RELEASING works to be done on this forum.

    Here is the rest of my homework (3 words left):
    In Horatio's lab the monkeys are left UNCHAINED as their pen is surrounded by rails. In Bruno's office, Stink, the dog, lives UNLEASHED as well. That awkward situation leaves Horatio anxious. Horatio is resolute to offer Stink a leather leash for his birthday. Let's hope that once the dog is kept on the leash, Horatio and his monkeys will feel enough RELIEVED as to live in peace.

    That's all for my homework, dear teacher. I'm looking forward to reading my marks.

    Respectfully yours,
    Lucky bastard
  • Dear teacher St Johann,

    In the end I did my homework.

    My dog's name is Scent.
    Scent was chained up to the front gate of my house.
    Strange murmurs could be heard from outside.
    I right away unchained Scent.
    As soon as I had unleashed Scent, he rushed unbridled into the bush and soon came back with a mouse in his mouth.
    At seeing it, I was relieved at once.
    I took the mouse and release it to Scent's dismay.

    I look forward to getting my points, St Johann teacher.
    Yours industriously,
  • Holy cow! Yeah, we are free to tell anything, Gwendo. But "when" are we likely to feel unchained? Is it that we are no longer shackled in Guantanamo Bay or that we just have dropped our long-time lifepartner?
    I think St.Johann's list is worth telling apart.

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