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funky friday #38 the blonde joke ..

hi everybody,I need help, i didn't get the blonde joke in the last funky friday lesson.
this joke says 'A blonde chick is sick of being called a 'dumb blonde' so she goes to the hairdressers to buy a brunette wig. 'How much are they?' she asks. '30 dollars plus tax' says the hairdresser. 'Forget the tax,' the blonde says, 'I'll use glue'!
i had no problem to translate all the sentence but i didn't get it .So if anyone could explain me what is funny here .. it will be nice
thanks a lot for your help


  • Here is how I take the last FF#38 story.
    It's a common place that the GG team are jolly fellows and their creatures of the Delavigne alike. In this month's story they were facing an alien who pretended he would like to turn a jolly fellow too.
    The key of the story was "what is really funny?".
    GG team are jolly fellows by nature but they are unable to get funny on command. All the jokes they were trying to reel off weren't funny at all. All of them fell flat.
    The morale of the story could be "Be what you are, not what you'd like to be."

    About the blonde chick: a silly character who pretended to take the word "tax" for another meaning that the expected one.
    A blonde wearing a dark wig could be taxed to be a brunette!!! ?
    Or would the tax be the device to fix the wig? to fix a wig, to stick it with glue??? Is it a pun? a so-called pun?
    Anyway the so-called joke was talking nonsense.
    Don't look for complications where there are none, wapoe.
    The Funky Stories lead us to psychotic lunacy. That's great, innit?
  • thanks for your answers and explanations Gee !!
  • That's bad news. Gee's explanations are marked by inconsistency. If the jolly fellows are such by nature, why should they be lacking of their nature as they are in front of a alien?

    There is good news too. Gee's explanations inconsistency is matching the Delavigne jolly fellows inconsistent so-called jokes.
  • Boohoo, boohoo, wapoe!
    For sure you mustn't go to the Delavigne blog on a daily basis.
    I've just switched on and this is what a person who must be Brian is telling:
    "Oh yeah, and if you didn't get Philip's blonde joke- 'tax' sounds a lot like 'tacks'. A 'tack' is a little nail - you might use them to attach a map to a wall (or a wig to a head). Get it?!?"
    It's reading on the thread 'Funny ha ha'
    As Gee said, it's great. VERY funnily funky.
  • By all accounts, you're right, Lucky bastard. I have to change my mind. Now I got it: If the jolly fellows of the Delavigne weren't able to reel off the funny jokes the were used to, it was because they were racist.
    Racist indeed they were, looking at Todd as at an Untermensch unable to catch they funny jokes.

    Be it someone over there who doesn't agree, I'd explain in details where are the roots of racism.


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