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to make a difference

Hi everybody,

I have some difficulties to understand the real meaning of "to make a difference".

For instance :
"A video can inspire, educate, and motivate people to make a difference"

Can somebody help me ?

Thank you ,


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  • A problem keeps you alive, a solution makes you sleepy.
  • To you Tony: program in English makes do with only 7 letters.

    In case of "program versus programme" I conclude that Gymglish use the U.K. English as standard and not the American English.
    By the way do you know in which contries we use the first or the second standard ?

  • Got it! Tony.
    I'll try to keep the English programme alive in spite of the programmed decline of the British empire.

    I thank you for correcting me and for pointing out I can't even be bothered to tell up to 7.
  • What about same same but different?
  • I think that "to make a difference" means to establish an comparative betwen a normal idiomatic expression and another polite form to said anything out of normal.
  • Do you mean the romantic new film "same, same, but different", Gwendo? I just saw a review on TV and the trailer. It's great.
    Same, same could mean the same subject, well known, a love affair. But some little detail in the circumstances makes it different to others.
  • This morning in the breaking news on TV:
    Frank Ribéry schould make a difference in the next Bayern-play from the very beginning and not during some minutes in the second half.
  • An example is paramount to teach a notion, especially as a football coach is at stake.
  • I don't understand the expression "paramount",can you say it in other words please, because I've no dictionary handy
  • paramount is an adjective.
    Something qualified as paramount is supreme, highest in rank or quality, superior to others.
    I meant that the best way to catch the meaning of an expression is to get it in different contexts, to get it in various examples.

    Now about what I said, I wonder if Frank Ribéry is a coach. I remember seeing him as a player in the French Football team.
    I don't know the role he is playing at the Bayern, is he coach or player?

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