English Vocabulary


Dear Norbert,

on the 12th of August you asked for the spelling of voucher. Did you mean the pronounciation of voucher, because you asked whether it's more like wauscher or wuschee?
Your question had gone by the board because you hid it in an answer to another vocabular question.
Concluding from the phonetic alphabet you have to pronounce it like wautscher, with an additional t in the middle of the word.


  • I have the knack to talk rubbish.
    Phonetic alphabet in French (a Roman language): the W is pronounced as Germans do! At least by genuine French, not by every French talking people. In Belgium they utter W as English do.
  • That's indeed the German way to noting the pronunciation in German phonetic alphabet.
    In English or in Latin languages, the V keeps written V.
    In German W is uttered as the English V.
    Unfortunately the GymGlish doesn't use any standard rules of noting pronunciation.

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