English Vocabulary

Luke was left to persue new...

After having read my todays exercise part I was left at a loss:
What meaning of the passive voice of to leave could that be?

"Delavigne's previous sales representative was left to persue new opportunities."
Does it mean that he was dismissed, made rebundant, discharged, expelled, released? I found the expression nowhere.


  • [CS: today's exercise / to pursue]

    My today's job being over, the evening leaves me free for a follow-up tip to your question, Gwendo. I could tell it this way as well: I am left free for a follow-up line.
    To be left = to stay, to remain, to keep being.
    To be at a loss = to be puzzled, embarrassed.
    To be left at a loss = to remain puzzled.

    To be left to do something = to be reduced to, to be brought to do it.
    After reading Gwendo's tip, nothing was left to me but to answer.
    The sales representative had no choice but pursuing new opportunities.

    I hope it'll help. I leave you to judge.

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