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Hello everybody !

I already took the TOEIC test twice three years ago and I got about 700/990. I want to take again this (new) TOEIC Listening and Reading in a few months and I'd like to obtain 750 (or more if possible).
So I ask you which level is approximately equivalent by Gymglish to be ready to pass this test ? 3.5 ? 4 ? 4.5 ?



  • It's hard to say, but at least according to my experience I think it's not really possible to compare GG lessons with the TOEIC test.

    In GG, I have a level of 5.5 (the 'Jackpot'), so one might assume I must have reached commensurate TOIEC points. But that was not the case.

    As a student in a telecourse I had the opportunity to make a complete sample TOEIC test
    (with all 200 questions) and the results were kind of dissappointing: I got 417 in the
    listening comprehension part and 445 in the reading part - compared with my "perfect"
    GG level that's quite pathetic.

    Predominantly I account the velocity in the TOEIC test for it – while in GG you have plenty
    of time to give your answers, the answer time in TOEIC is very confined and the speed
    almost breathtaking - at least for me.

    I can image with an training specialized for TOEIC, I might have been able to get better
    results - but provided that the only realistic TOEIC results are those you get when doing
    the test spontaneously, I think I was rated justly.

    According to that I think GG levels and TOEIC are not really comparable, unless there are
    based on the same conditions in terms of time.

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