The Delavigne Corporation

Unwedd Bliss

Every staff at Delavigne knows of no method to live in bliss so effective as to live unwed. Look at Susan Bliss' blessed bliss, she lives unwedded.
Besides more than 5 million couples in the United States live together without being married. This number reflects a huge change in American culture as it is almost 8 times the number unwed couples living together in 1970. Steady celebrity relationships, gay marriage ban and fear of divorce are cited as influences for couples choosing not to get married. The number of children born to unwed parents is also higher than ever before. 40 percent of babies born in the US in 2007 had parents who were not married. That number is up from 25% in 2002.
For long as yet, the Delavigne cultural background deemed marriage was one one of the latest bases of an archaic society, along with abortion ban, religious veil and golden crosses, excision; it's about time the staff go and march with Leonard Trotsker, their union representative, in protest against all that conservative practices. Shouldn't the GGusers demonstrate along with the Delavigne staff?



  • Sorry! Unwedd is a bad writing, a slip on the keyboard. Unwed and unwedded are the only forms of adjectives made up from the verb 'to wed, wed, wed' or 'to wed, wedded, wedded'. Never get married, stay unmarried.
  • The authors of the Devaligne story couldn't have found a more memorable derived name for the union leader: Leonard Trotsker.
    Do we know anything about the attitude of 'Leo Trotzky' in terms of these 'bases of an archaic society'?
  • Bob Carter in the IT department has a lovely wife called Sophie. She's a surgeon.
  • Hannah, it's a good thing you said Sophie was a surgeon. Everyone thought she was a philosopher. In the same way all GG-users think you were graced with a son. Is it true?

    Well Snuggle, Trotsky got married in prison. The forefront of his concerns were the exploitation of workers by capitalists rather than the one of the wife by a husband.

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