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Vocabulary request system

In the lessons, I often found some words more insteresting than others. I find it a bit frustrating to not have the possiblity to ask this voc to be repeated more often in the Vocabulary review section.

I would really appreciate to pick up some words/idioms I find more interesting (by using a checkbox for instance). Then, the system could put more often this special voc in the Vocabulary area, in the review section. It would allow people to work on more usefull voc for them.
I think that it's a good way to have even more personnalized lessons!

What do you think about this idea? Please add your comments!



  • Pleased to read you.
    My comment:
    At the bottom of the lessons the text comes again with boxes to be ticked at words you want translation of. The ticked words are to come back in your next lesson and are inserted in the wordbook.
    Maybe you'd like to meet them again in the closest next lessons. Don't worry, they'll be back later or sooner. You needn't to sing a requiem to them.
    My suggestion:
    Write the words or idioms in a copybook and read them back on a daily basis. That's what I was practising for a while.
  • By the way, Requiem, what has it to do with the Delavigne Corporation?
  • Hi,
    I'm already wrinting the useful voc in a file, but I don't have the discipline to review my list on a regular basis, that's also why I'm using Gymglish to learn new words! To my point of view, one of the purpose of Gymglish is to avoid using several system/books!

    Regarding your last comment, I read "All topics related to ...content of GymGlish", that's why I posted my comment here as I'm speaking about the content. Is there any better place for this kind of comment?

  • You are right, Requiem! I had paid scant attention to the mention "content of gymGlish".

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