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about drug usage in gymglish office :)

in the following exercise, the dialogue is between Monica and Ronald but in the correction it's Harold who have a problem.

So please do not use unauthorized substance before wirting the correction :)

Monica : Thank you for calling Dave's Hardware. This is Monica, may I help you?
Ronald : Why yes, you may (1). I have a bit of a problem.
Monica : You do (2)?
Ronald : I do (3)! I accidentally glued my hand to a power drill*, and I really have to go to the bathroom, but I'm afraid.
Monica : Well, that definitely is a problem.

* A drill is a machine used to puncture holes

(2) You do : This is the best choice here. Monica is expressing her surprise that Harold has a problem. In this case we use the construction for the auxiliary of surprise: subject + auxiliary (you do). Because there is not an auxiliary in the original statement (I have a problem), we must use 'do'.

(3) I do : This is the best choice here. Harold is simply responding to Monica's question 'You do?'. 'Yes or No' responses often follow the format of 'subject' + 'auxiliary' (I + do, in this case), and we always use whichever auxiliary has been used in the original question. If an auxiliary has not been used, we typically use 'do'.



  • Thanks for pointing this out to us Phil, and thanks Snuggle for your defense of our writers. I've corrected the mistake. Phil, next time feel free to report this to our support team if you have a comment box beneath your lesson. Thanks guys, good work!
  • Please don't be to strict with the poor GG folks, it's hurts them.
    Do you want to be responsible for a surge of suicides amongst young but promising guys in Paris? :-)

    My honest congraluations though! If I had done this exercise, I wouldn't have noticed this little blunder. I concentrate too much on the grammar and I overlook the acting persons - Monica, Ronald, Harold- it doesn't matter to me, I even ignore them. I hope THIS doesn't make for suicides of Monicas, Ronalds and Harolds who feel disregarded.

    You are pointing to something I should rather do. From now on I will try to consider the trifles and the minor matters, too .

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