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At the end of a lesson

Hello everybody,
I have a wish : after my gymglish lesson, I would like to have the opportunity of printing vocabulary that I learned during the day's lesson.
The vocabulary workbook is too big to be printed and everyday, I would like to read again and again vocabulary that I messed during my lesson.
Is it possible to get a document in black and white with just vacabulary and translation and grammar topic of the day? I try to save the planet but it is not possible when you need to print 9 pages everyday...
What is you opinion about this idea?
Thank you


  • For sure you are saving the planet. Just devils wouldn't.
    I am not well up on computering but I'll tell you how I'd proceed if I were you.

    The vocabulary you missed (perhaps you messed it up) during the lesson comes in your workbook headlined as "to be revised in the short term" (something like that)

    Go to the last lines where words are translated the one after the other, line by line. Open the PDF page. Select the wanted lines. Copy them out.
    Paste it into another file of your own. Then print that file.

    Anyway keep being an angel.

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