The Delavigne Corporation

Mayor's son Freddy

I enjoyed the gymglish lesson : "Susie Meets The Mayor (Scene 7/7)".

Please Gymglish writers, why not a next episode with Freddy as an intern in Delavigne Corporation ?
What will happen between Freddy and Horatio ? Poor Horatio. or Poor Freddy with Horatio ? Everybody in the Delavigne Corporation will become mad…
Freddy, strange cigarettes, monkeys, …


  • not a bad idea!
  • Here it is, I am having theses lessons these days (5/7)! Susie speaks to the mayor and he doesn't want to be overheard ...Sure, it is a nice episode, so close to real life !
  • Out with it, ag!
  • Why not give us a short report of the meeting at the Mayor? We could share your joy.
  • That's not a bad idea - thanks!

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