English Vocabulary

To be to

"To be to ", " must ", and " to have to " have the same maining. Yes or No ?

I must call my friend

I have to call my friend

I'm to call my friend

Those sentences are right, I think ?


  • I also think the three sentences are right. Just grant them a period at their end because they all are single clause sentences.

    Furthermore I think like you that they express the same meaning. They express an obligation. But I wonder whether there is not a shade of meaning that makes them out. If you leave the simple present tense, will the three of them still fit any situation?

    Thank you for writing.
  • I don't think so. I think these sentences don't like the same meaning. acording expression we use "must or have to". For example:
    I have to learn to English test tomorrow.
    vs I must go to home because it is going to rain.
    thank you!
  • Dear Asian buddy,
    Don't fail to enter the speaker's head to sometimes pick up the "must" or the "have to".
    If you have to learn because you have a test tomorrow, it's probably because the learning is not mandatory. You had better learn. It's a necessity due to your yearning for success.
    But I wonder whether I couldn't say "I must learn to be ready for the test" as the verb must here also expresses necessity. Just as they say:
    It's late, I must be going.
    My brother is in trouble, I must call him.
    It's hard work, you must be courageous.
    You must know that I am telling you that in all seriousmess.

    I think the 3 sentences written by Wilptz are six of one and half of a dozen of the other. Don't you think so?

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