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could someone translate for me this sentence please?
" someone blew up my car"


  • I'm sorry in French of course!
  • Hi Patrice,

    My French is not all that perfect. Lest I make some mistakes I won't translate your statement into French. However...

    Either you ask a translation in order to get a correct French sentence, or you need a translation in order to understand the English statement. Should this second case be yours, I'll try to give you some hints.

    First possibility:
    Let's suppose the tyres of your car have been punctured, they are flat. The mechanic or a helpful friend might have blown up your tyres, they could have inflated them. In the everyday way of speaking, you could use a metonymy and instead of saying 'someone blew up the tyres of my car', you could say 'someone blew up my car' (Quelqu'un a gonflé mon voiture!)

    Second possibility:
    Your car hasn't got any flat tyre but it has stricto sensu been blown up itself. That means that your car exploded. 'someone blew up my car' (Quelqu'un a fait sauter mon voiture?)

    I'd like to hope, Patrice, that your name is not featuring on the Al Qaida list of people to be gotten rid of.
    Enjoy driving a car with accurately inflated tires.
  • thanks it's probably the second case , i heard this sentence in a vidéo game for teenagers call " postal" rather violent and coarse, thank you for answering me! regards
    ps: my English is also awful and i hope I'll eventually succeed in speaking and writing it properly,with regards.
  • Cher Patrice,

    if someone has blew up your car, he has destroyed it by explosion c'est à dire qu'il a fait éclater, exploser, sauter ta voiture.
    C'est dommage, peut-être c'était une voiture ancienne.
    Bon baisers!

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